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Sarah Anne-Marie
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Whistler / BC / Canada

Northern kid / Nature addict / Explorer / Competitive snowboarder / Photographer / Artist

Im from Northern British Columbia but am now living in southern BC to pursue my Passion for snowboarding in the competitive world. Apart from snowboarding im the type of person to be found out of town, trying to get as close to nature as i can. Living in the middle of a city sucks when you've grown up in a small town and lived in the woods. I have a passion for creative writing as well as art and photography and like to be active in the chat and RP rooms.

Welcome to my page, Your visit is greatly appreciated!

Name: Ash Treader 
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Description: Ash has the build of a natural born athlete, tall and lean. Reflecting that she avoids make up, being the hassle it is and stops her beauty care at brushing her long blonde hair, reaching past her chest. Her eyes are that of dark amber, rich and wild with golden highlights and a dark ring around the outer edges. Typically wears a dark green army jacket over a black hoodie, with black jeans and black lace up ankle boots. Her hair is typically in a braid or loose.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 137lbs
Race: Human

Capital: Liberato
History: Born in liberato to Emry and Jacob Treader, Ash was their first child. Her parents couldn't be happier, she didnt have any apparent disfunction's. Being of a purist mindset still this was greatly important to them. They were not a rich family, nor poor, but where able to go to bed with food in their bellies most nights. It was a good life they had, in a home in a quiet area just outside the main areas of liberato. As the blonde haired girl grew up, everything was grand. A happy home. She began to attend her schooling around the age of six, eager as any child would be. Though after two weeks, she was sent home with a letter explaining she has gotten in a tussle with another girl during break. This worried Ash's parents only in the slightest, passing it off as a "phase" etc. Though as months went by, incidents kept happening. It began to worry them further, their perfect daughter couldn't have been acting out in spite of them. Until one day, they learned the reason she had been getting into the fights.

It was a cold winters evening, Ash had been sent home again with a bruise on her face this time. Her mother and father had had enough. At the age of eleven it was absurd for this behaviour to be continuing. She sat on their sofa, her mother and father yelling at her, she kept feeling on edge. More than ever. It felt like the hairs on her arms where standing on end, her hands grabbing fist fulls of the couch. Without warning her mother hit her on the top of her head, and she stood up briskly, clumped of fabric tearing off the couch as she did. Ash's eyes flashed golden, and held her mothers gaze, like she was frozen there. They stood for a moment before a rolling pain waved up her body like nothing she had felt before. Her parents fell silent as she ran to her room. It was that moment they knew she was different, she was by their definition imperfect. 

They began to home school Ash, to avoid any more conflicts for fear something bigger may happen. Four years after the first showing of something different within Ash Her mother gave birth to their second child, a boy they named David. Ash continued to feel somewhat shunned by her family, not being treated with as much love, but more with care towards her. Like they where worried about drumming something up inside her.  And she was good, though would frequently get migraines and fevers, like she was fighting something, but never a sickness, something else battling within her. At the age of eighteen, it got almost unbearable. Ash would wake at with night terrors, soaked in sweat and her bedding torn.

 Her mother and Brother where downstairs one morning when she woke, hearing a small cry coming from the kitchen. Her father was out in the yard doing work. She came down the steps to see what was wrong, when it felt like she had hit a wall. Her mother was comforting David, now three year old baby brother. He had fallen and cut his head on an open cupboard door. " Ash, go get the first aid kit, David hurt himself. " She stood there, silent, her hands begun to shake. She felt like that fever, those migranes where sweeping over her. She grasped the railing, feeling like it was the only thing holding her up. Her mother looked at her with worry and fear, " Ash. Ash are you okay? Ash. " She said her name over and over, but each time it got fuzzier. Her eyes faded into the golden shade, a wolf gold. She let out a moan and collapsed down the stairs, rolling to the bottom and writhing on the ground. Her bones snapped and ground together, ears wringing with the sound of her mothers voice and her brothers screams. Within a minute she rose, dazed and shaken as a tall grey wolf. Her mind was hazed with instinct and bloodlust, eyes drawn to the small screaming child she couldn't have recognized as family if she tried. Ash Snarled, lunging at the boy and circling both her mother and brother. Her mother screamed for her husband, who shortly after came crashing through the door. His eyes widened at the scene. " Its Ash! she became that!" her mother screamed. He ran and grabbed a shotgun loaded with broken rocks, then pointing the barrel pointed at Ash he shouted. " Ash! Ash stop! Ash listen to me!" No reply. "Ash I dont want to have to do this to you!" But their words where lost on her. She grabbed Her Younger brother by the waist in her now large mouth, and tried to drag him away. But before she could even get to the door she felt a sharp fiery pain on her shoulder. She dropped David with a yelp as she limped outside onto the bushes, bits of rocks in her flesh. Not long after she returned to her naked human shape, shaking and dirty, shoulder soaked in blood. 

Her father came out warily and grabbed her, bringing her inside the house without a word. He brought her to the basement, shutting the door firmly. It was there she sat for two days before hearing voices above her in the living room. Her parents where talking, their voices hushed but with her new found hearing it was quite easy to pick up on their words. " - He's in critical condition, Jacob. She may be our daughter but She's not right now... Shes too dangerous." her mother's voice wavered, "We have to think of our safety." there was along pause before her father replied. " I know. I just... where could this have come from?" She could hear him pacing, his shoes tapping the wood floors. Her mother spoke up, "We can't have her living here like this, She has to go Jacob. You saw her like that... she was an animal, she couldn't have recognized us or understood us if she tried." Silence. She knew that they had agreed on that. Her heart ached terribly as a knot grew in her stomach. Just like that, without doing anything she had meant to they where going to kick her out. Her father opened the cellar door and came downstairs, her mother watching from the doorway. " Ash, you need to leave." he said sternly. " You cant be controlled, your dangerous. Your no longer right." Ash began to weep and begged for them to let her stay, apologizing profusely. Her father held her down and took out most of the pieces of rock from her shoulder, then stood up silently as her mother tossed down a set of her clothes. " Get dressed and go." Her mother said with a bite in her words. And she did, Carefully putting on her clothes and silently walking up the stairs, tears still streaming down her face. "I'm sorry mum, please don't make me leave..." But the only reply she received was her mother looking away from her in discontent. A few steps forward and she was by the door, lingering there mentally begging for some sign that they would change their minds. Nothing. It was over. She couldnt change their minds on this. 

After She left, Ash tried her best not to associate with anyone, for fear of losing herself and killing another human being. For some time she lived in a small abandoned cabin in the woods she had fixed up, but was forced to leave when she wasnt able to get food as easily and would not shift to hunt for food as a wolf. As she became more and more of a loner, she found it easier to not accidentally change as she would never try to control it because she feared the wolf in her so much, though it became more of a hate as time went on. She now lives on the outskirts of one of the liberato cities, far from her childhood home in a small near empty loft. In the last four years she has only had several incidents, and so far no more fatalities. But the last night with her parents still haunts her, the scar on her right shoulder blade a reminder of it everyday. 

Personality: Ash tends to be a bit of a loner, for the most part, with a tendency of brooding. She has a hard time letting go of things and locks them up inside, notoriously bad for putting up walls against people. Her trust of people tends to be hit and miss, given the right introduction/ scenario she will be more willing to get to know them and learn to have them in her life. Shes tough, inside and out, but her life has worn her down and deep down she truly wants someone she can share herself with. Given her situation she is easily angered and put on guard, more as an act of instinct than choice. Now, with that she wont attack or snap at everyone she sees, though will be apprehensive and cold, hating when people touch her. Though if anyone where ever so lucky to break down her walls, she's a loving, protective loyal person. She takes the world as she sees it; harsh, unforgiving, dog eat dog, and ultimately hard. Though she isn't afraid of it. Given the chance to run freely, Ash becomes a whole other person. It is her release, though not in an act of running away. 

Likes: The Cold, Wilderness, Forests, Mountains, Campfires, running, Being alone, the colours beige, moss green, quiet music.
Dislikes: Noisy people, Overly Emotional People, people in general ( trust issues), Guns, Cities, Being threatened, Prairies, shifting into her wolf form against her will. 

Faction: Traveller.  

Weapon: No weapons on hand, uses what she can find. 
Power: Shape-Shifter : Wolf
Abilities: Able to shift into a wolf at will, though chooses not to, thus only shifts when triggered. Has all abilities of a wolf, speed, strength, endurance etc. 

Strengths: Given her ability, Ash is stronger than a typical human, agile, fast runner and strong senses in both of her forms. Able to survive in the wild, and defend herself. 
Weaknesses: Her right arm isn't as strong as her left because of the shot to her shoulder did to her nerves and muscle. She isnt able to control when she shifts into a wolf and is easily triggered by emotion, Blood, Hunger, fear and anger. 

Example Post...

" One week. It had been one week since she had left her house. The bedsheets where tangled around her feet as she stared blankly up at the white ceiling, trying to very well become that white ceiling. Become nothing, Just white empty space. The thought was nice, it sounded peaceful. Time passed like nothing in here if she kept her blinds closed, though her insides could feel days passing by as her stomach's grumbles grew louder and louder. She could ignore them. She had done it before. But knowing the outcome of it was always the one thing she dreaded. About a week was as long as Ash had been able to go without eating before the other side of her would tear at her insides and force its way out. With that in mind her eyes drifted from the ceiling to the door, her body lurching up off of the mattress like a marionette. The Bakery isnt far... she thought wistfully, head spinning from standing up so fast. Had she drank any water recently? The bakery wasnt what she truly wanted though, nor what her growling stomach wanted either. The butcher is a few blocks further... the thought was both exciting and sickening to Ash, who could live off of some good bread and cheese, but starve on it at the same time. Opening the doorway she slowly stepped down the metal stairs on the side of the building, the early morning air crisp against her skin. It was almost winter. She thought back to the white ceiling, just like the coming snow and revelled in the thought of laying down in it, letting it cover her and truly disappearing into it, becoming the calm white space. "

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